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Intuitive Gift (Crystal's Share)

Upon a visit with a intuitive reader at the age of 16, I was advised to follow and develop my unique intuitive gifts. When young, one pursues without fear and embraces all that inspires. Within 2 years of that experience, I was reading palms of friends and family. Inspiring and encouraging others by directing them to tap into their own unique talents and gifts. Giving them the confidence of personal empowerment.

In a few more years I was travelling and reading at variety of venues and trade shows across Alberta, and offered a money back guarantee on every reading. It was always important to me when sharing my gift that it was done with complete sincerity and accuracy. In the 20 years of my reading experience, I have never been refused payment due to people's astonishment in my intuitive ability. And still today, I stand by this guarantee with all my readings.

Unsure of my ability - ask me for a sample reading - reassurance in someone's ability is also a requirement to assist in building confidence and relationships with your reader.

Helping you let go of fear - and understanding your journey. This allows us internal insight to become truly happy and in peace within ourselves, our own unique gifts and talents.

Inspiration and knowledge are my gifts to be shared with your trust and confidence.

Today is your day - Book a Reading.

For sample readings check out our INSTAGRAM - Wagawagawellnessreader

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